Nic of Time

Nic of time is an it-support company located in Sweden.



Onlinepizza is the biggest and most respectable food delivery company in Sweden, owned by the global biggest food delivery company, Delivery Hero.


AsystYou is a service in USA where the users may order food, cleaning, shopping and much more.

Bolus Wizard

My Diabetes App is an app developed to make life easier for people with diabetes, including myself.

Plotagon Story

"See your characters come to life in animated videos with the flick of a finger. Share with friends and family."

Using the most common interface for storytelling, writing. Plotagon let's users stories come alive as movies.


Pickit Photo Finder

Pickit is an image platform partly owned by Microsoft. The vision is to collect, curate and distribute high quality images for a reasonable price in every channel imaginable in the world.

Plotagon Education

Plotagon education provides a yet another tool for teachers to educate their students in fun and interesting way.

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